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Member News

September Board Meeting

Monday, September 27, 2018 at 6:00 pm

All Board Meetings are held the 4th Monday of each month at 6:00PM in the Auditorium by the office unless otherwise specified.



Exterior doors must remain closed when using your Furnace or Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

All members are pemited to have a 220 AC only. Any other AC will result in a fine. You must get a permit from the Maintenance Department for installation.



 Keep yards neat and tidy, free of debris. All residents are responsible for the maintenance of yards, fencelines, sidewalks and curbs. Those who are not in compliance will be fined.


All members are responsible to continue keeping the front and side yards clear and free of debris. All grills, trashcans, and toys must be placed in an orderly fashion at the rear of your unit .Trash cans are permitted to be set out Sunday evening and must be put back at the rear of the unit by Monday evening after Rumpke has collected trash.  As the Bed Bug problem is impacting all of Ohio, any upholstered furniture ie; mattress and box springs, couches, etc. must be wrapped completely in plastic before setting out for pickup on Mondays.  There will be a charge for Members who fail to comply. Also, leaves may be bagged in plastic bags and set out with your regular pick-up by Rumpke.



Parking is for Members and their guests ONLY. Members control the parking in front of their unit. The free parking is limited to 24 hours. If you need your parking marked, please contact Maintenance at 937-252-2014 and they will send a Maintenance Mechanic to mark your property lines for parking. 


Fire pits or rings must be no larger than 3 ft. x 3 f. and the flame no higher than 2 ft. at any time. The fire pit must be a minimum of 25 ft away from the unit and must have some sort of fire extinguishing material on hand at all times. 



Members are allowed ONE Dog or ONE cat only. Members must comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the Board of Trustees for the application process, including a pet sticker, to avoid any fines. Dogs must be less than 30 lbs. when fully grown, and certain breeds are not allowed. There is a 150.00 pet deposit and 20.00 monthly pet charge along with other requirements. You can get more information on the Pet Application which is available at the office. For any questions please contact the office during normal business hours at 937-252-5693.





Main Office                    937-252-5693

Maintenance Office             937-252-2014 

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